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Join Jynn in his retrospection of what he needs in his latest track 'All I Need'

Curiosity was always Mumbai-based, Jynn's main driving factor to learn more. He was introduced to the Keys and piano in his 4th grade and he started attending Trinity College of music around that time. His mother was the one to push him to attend those classes where he was introduced to western classical music. Being an introverted kid in school he didn't gel with other kids from his batch and found solace in playing music. It was in the 8th grade when he came across Comatose and the album Awake by Skillet that changed his life forever. He started diversifying his music and learned to play different genres which ranged from Blues to Rock to Hip-hop and Pop.

Jynn got his PSR S900 in the 9th grade and that's when he started learning composition and arranging music from within the functions of the keyboard. It was a workstation, arranger, and a Synthesizer all by itself and that's when he learned about production and started creating using his keyboard. His admission in IIT Bombay had a heavy rock and blues influence in his life where he started playing with many bands, which were mostly Blues and Prog rock. He also picked up the guitar and drums during his college years. He played through college as a backing vocalist and a keyboardist. He's been a part of many projects such as The Frost Project, 9 Last Strides, Imcha Imchen, Sayantika Ghosh, Disciples of the Old Monk, Just Kidding, This is a Band, Secret Mission and he was in some as keys and backing vocals while some as the drummer.

Jynn's latest release 'All I Need' was released on the 6th of June 2021 and it was produced by 2Degrees. Jynn and 2Degrees met through a mutual friend who introduced them and the collaboration was a random occurrence. Jynn casually hit 2Degrees up and went to his studio and started writing lyrics for a song that 2Degrees was mixing at the moment and one thing led to another, which got us this dreamy resonance of a track. The track itself is a realization for Jynn to achieve his dreams and to be the best and honest version of himself.

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