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Lend your ears to Ebb & Flow by Kalbaisakhi.

Vibhu Singh aka Kalbaisakhi has dropped his latest single feat. Shreya Gupta – ‘Ebb & Flow’. Vibhu is 21 and is a producer who mainly works in the House/ Deep House/ Lo-Fi music genre. He has been playing drums in a college band for the last 3-4 years and only started producing professionally in 2020. Shreya on the other hand is a singer and songwriter who has been participating in music and theatre since age 5. Both of them hail from Delhi.

Ebb & Flow released on 21st May 2021. “A unique mix of classic house elements and modern lo-fi textures” as described by Vibhu, it is also accompanied by some ambient vocals by Shreya. The fact that Vibhu had not produced any House music prior to this track was definitely a challenge for both of them. Work on this track started back in February as a house instrumental, before Shreya joined in. “The track is experimental in every sense of the word since I did not work on any house music before. The song was only an instrumental when Shreya recorded some vocals and sent them to me. Both of us tried everything we could while preserving the emotional palette of the song”. They recorded this song at home setups, with only zoom and discord meetings.

After his earlier EP ‘Tunnels’ in late 2020, this latest track is most welcome by fans of Kalbaisakhi. This collaboration managed to bring out the best of both artists, especially with such different influences and genres. Vibhu named artists like Travis Scott, Pink Floyd, and Tame Impala as major influences, whereas Shreya picked Taylor Swift, Queen, Frank Ocean as her top artists.

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