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Mosambee X Mali will guide you back to the 'Ocean' to find the healing you need

"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea." - Isak Dinesen. You probably remember Mosambee from this collaboration with Raghav Meattle. Well, Samarth Chawla isn't going to fade of the charts just yet. This time, he's linked up with Mali (aka Maalvika Manoj), an amazing Indian indie artist who is touching the clouds right now with her synth music. She is also working closely with Apple Music India and has been featured across their editorial playlists. Mosambee tells us that they met at Cotton Press Studios in Mumbai when she was recording her EP 'Rush' in 2017. He worked as an intern with the studio at the time and was part of the recording team. He recalls how she walked into the joint in a rather flustered mood but, like clockwork, bedazzled the microphone with her deep, dark yet oh so bright voice. I guess it was at this moment he knew, that he would want to work with her some day.

Their new single, named 'Ocean' was released on May 29, 2021 across platforms. Simply put, the song is about doubt. Maalvika seems to ask herself a series of questions that seem like an existential crisis. Oh boy, haven't we all been through that, especially with the way the past two years have been? As the track progresses, Mali goes on to refer to the healing ability of the ocean, the beach, well, everything that you find on the coast. As a beach bum myself, I really think the sun, sand and waves can really cure almost anything. The idea that the song leaves us with is that no matter how different we are as people, there is one thing that aligns us all - loneliness. Whether you choose to accept it or not, we all feel that way sometimes, and that's what makes us human. What's beautiful is that while the song has a signature funky tune that you'd expect from Mosambee, it lacks none of the dark desolation that we've come to expect from Mali.


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