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Savaal Playlist 18

D-Psycho - Mein Deewana

Ahmedabad's Darshil Pandya aka D-psycho has been interested in music since he was a teenager. Since the age of 14, he has dedicated himself to learning more and more about music. He is a self-taught musician who has experimented with various types of flows, compositions, and genres such as electronic music, rap, and R&B. Many celebrities have recognized him, including Badshah, Raghu Rajeev, Arvind Kadiya, Jigar, and Gadhvi. In terms of music and singing, he was ranked second in the state. D-psycho will do everything in his power to make his art stand out and to express himself through music.

His latest release, Mein Deewana is a hidden gem of an album that will be released soon. This song has been near and dear to the artist's heart since he first began recording it. The song is a representation of love and the emotions that people feel while they are in love. The song's chorus is straightforward, making it simple for listeners to memorize and enjoy. Also, due to a cold and fever, the artist D-psycho's voice changed slightly during the recording sessions of this song, but thankfully the song turned out even better, making it difficult to record it again with the same vocal tone, which makes the song stand out. The beat is produced by Jerry Martin, he always comes out with different experimental sounds.

Zodiac Wave - Former Bloom

Saptarshi De is a singer/songwriter who goes by the moniker "Zodiac Wave". When the world around him was still and motionless, tranquility found a home in him with the music that he produced. Zodiac wave, soon to be known to all, is about to be in full bloom,

with his new track “former bloom”. Zodiac Wave, the 19-year-old homegrown artist with 155k monthly listeners on Spotify became Assam's 1st independent artist to spend the highest time being aired on television to becoming the first independent artist from Assam to premiere his official MV exclusively on an Indian music channel, Bootleg boy and multiple editorial playlists on Spotify is the epitome of exhibiting how far your dreams can take you only if you have the courage to dream in you.

The song is about finding solace in someone miles apart with the excruciating heart-rending yearning to meet them someday which feels like an eternity. In the chaos of the calm, the veil steadily tears down and disillusionment transpires. The song which is the EP's first song has successfully acquired its Vevo certification and also has been premiered multiple times on television.

Boy Ataraxia - Varun Kumar ft. Shreya Ram - Real/Reel ( Synthwave Remix)

Boy Ataraxia is the alter-ego of Mumbai-based electronic musician and composer Ashay Dave. He was introduced to the world of electronic music at the tender age of 13, and subsequently learned the craft of music production. The track is a special ‘Synthwave’ remix by Boy Ataraxia of indie music producer Varun Kumar's beautiful and exotic original "Real/Reel". The original track is a reflection of the feelings of a person going through a one-sided love phase, by expressing his feelings for her crush and asking her if she has the same feelings for him. Boy Ataraxia joined a music education and community-based startup for indie musicians called Burntune and met some of the most awesome, and insanely skilled musicians there. One of those was Varun Kumar, another indie music producer.

The two artists were part of an experimental Burntune Artists collaboration. After a meeting, they had a producer-to-producer conversation, and Ashay got to listen to his beautiful, vibey, and exotic original - Real/Reel. The very first time he heard it, his Synthwave overdosed mind knew that a remix needs to happen. "I was highly influenced by synth artists like Timecop1983, Marvel '83, and the vibes from the song from The 1975 "If I Believe You". And the vocals from Shreya Ram fit all so perfectly with the idea I had in my mind. Finally, I conceived a remix that I believe to be one of my best works yet. It took me a couple of months to make it public along with Varun Kumar since I underwent an artist renaming phase from "Hibskit" to "Boy Ataraxia" says Ashay

Ishan Mishra - Almost (Demo Version)

Ishan Mishra is a 17year old Singer-Songwriter from Ghaziabad. Although he has been learning music for the last 5 was only about 2 years ago when he discovered my passion for creating music while studying at Berklee, Boston.

Ishan wrote this song last summer while he was going through a very tough time in his life. It was a rough patch that lasted a few months during which he needed to write but couldn't come up with anything. It was during that period, that he noticed that all his conversations with his best friend were mostly about venting, ranting, or romanticizing their mundane life. That’s was when Ishan came up with this idea and started to write a song about their relationship, conversaitons, their likings of life and how they manage to tell each other that it’s all going to be okay. It’s not a romantic song. It’s about the love shared between two best friends. The title ‘Almost’ is also used to showcase how life is not just amazing, not just sad, it's bittersweet.

Rotten Socials - Naked Man

Rotten Socials is a Bangalore based Rock n Roll band . Although the band has been writing music for as long as they can remember, but the band "Rotten Socials" came to being in 2019. All the members are originally from Kerala.

Their debut single 'Naked Man' is about a no-nonsense drunk who found his own path amidst the chaos. It highlights the silver lining of having a limited amount of time to live. Making the most of it and being in the present is what the naked man wants for everyone. He is part of a larger universe that the band will be unveiling soon.


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