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SID | Artist Spotlight

Siddhant Raman Aka SID is and always has been addicted to music. There are always melodies and ideas floating around in his head, all of which he has been able to construct into his songs. He picked up music at a young age and has evolved musically through the years, traveling through genres and styles during his journey. A young boy who felt inclined towards rock and metal slowly traversed to Hiphop and RnB influences. From the heavy background of Linkin Park and Slipknot he know looks for inspiration in today's famed The Weeknd, Drake, Frank Ocean and Travis Scott.

SiD picked up several instruments throughout his musical voyage starting with the guitar and getting his first taste of rhythm of the drums. As he matured, his newer influences fueled both his desire to become a musician, as well as his love for producing and songwriting. He soon built himself a home studio and with nothing to stop him from producing music he looks to express himself. Being exposed to a multitude of genres from a young age, he has a diverse palate from which he can take ideas from and hes been playing live and recording ever since his school days.

His latest song “Leave”, while it may be perceived to be about a relationship, it is actually about regretting his decision to become a musician. he told us "I remember very frustrated while recording a chorus to a song, which ultimately led to a spiral, in which I contemplated my decision to release music". The song is a very different take on how it feels to be a musician and to feel writers block.

When we asked SiD who would he like to collaborate with he said "Right now, either Kalou or Ayon Mukherjee. My dream collaboration in the future would definitely either be The Weeknd or Mike Shinoda." We look forward to

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